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Healthcare Consulting

Advantage Healthcare connects healthcare facilites with proven strategies for success. Since opening our doors more than 10 years ago, we have implemented our healthcare consulting services to help countless hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers nation wide. We offer invaluable resources for medical equipment planning, architecture and engineering design to vendor relations and quality control. 

New Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Planning

With our client-focused facility and medical equipment consulting. From an early desire to enhance your facility's services to maintaining quality control in the installed equipment, we assist throughout the process, including any design, development, and construction necessary for your equipment needs.

Project Management

Receive the highest standards of quality, scheduling, and cost effectiveness throughout your equipment procurement and installation process. Our project managers serve as liaisons between the client, architects, contractor, engineers, and vendors. Designated delivery schedules are achieved because of our involvement in every phase of the project.

Project Coordination

Meet development timelines and procure all needed medical equipment with the assistance of an experienced project coordinator. From initial design to delivery, our skilled project manager assumes full responsibility for your project success. We offer direct access to the key players responsible for monitoring progress.


Guarantee you have support throughout equipment changes. We understand you have a business to run and patients to help, so we work with architects and contractors to keep construction and change orders to a minimum. When necessary, we offer vendor coordination.

Medical Staff and Business Consultants


Free up your clinicians and staff by letting us manage medical equipment vendors and contractors. As your owner representative, we maintain market standard specifications and compliance. Our experience and relations in the industry allow us to provide you with competitive, accurate estimates while adhering to the assigned budget.


Be worry-free about medical equipment documentation with us on your team. All resources flow through us so you have critical information stored in one place. This includes documentation of client approval and decisions. You will know there is good communication among all teams with our documentation services.